We like to think of ourselves as more of a concierge of Moving.  And because we’re a concierge and not a traditional moving company, we’re in the business of saying Yes to your requests, no matter how unique or challenging. If you find another firm that will answer your late-night texts with last-minute concerns … well, tell us. We want to hire them!

We really, really enjoy what we do. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with helping our clients depart one home and begin building their life in a new one. From 1,500-square-foot condos to 15,000-square-foot estates, our clients’ homes are architecturally significant properties requiring the refined touch of a concierge that can handle every challenge of a relocation.

Why choose us ? Because we are not a moving company. Raised Moving is a concierge service catering to our clients’ needs during the difficult and stressful time of changing homes.

Our Services

  1. Local Moving

    With a customer referral rating of 96%, we’ve proven time and time again that we are the top choice when it comes to hiring local movers. We provide a variety of professional moving services to fit any need, and we’re ready to prove we can move you forward!

  2. Long Distance Moving

    In addition to our outstanding customer service reputation for local moves, we‘ve developed the same professional techniques for our expedited long-distance moving services, and we strive to bring the same level of excellence to make your next long-distance move as stress-free and efficient as possible.

  3. Commercial Moves

    Our highly trained crews will ensure the safe relocation of all your business with the highest quality packing, crating, unpacking and positioning of all your business equipment and furniture.

  4. Packing Services

    With all of the buzz that comes with moving, one of the most important aspects of the entire process that often gets overlooked is the packing portion. Efficient packing can take a significant amount of stress out of moving, and at Raised Moving, our professional moving teams can provide outstanding packing services, which can eliminate any anxiety you may be experiencing for your upcoming move.

  5. Art Removal and Hanging

    Our installers help you with the placement and secure hanging of your framed art, family pictures, hallway and vanity mirrors, design accessories, memorabilia, collectibles, and more.

  6. Internet and Telephone Networking

    A home network is a private collection of devices – computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles – which are all connected to a router or switch. This is also called a local network. Every device on your home network can “talk” to every other device, which opens up possibilities for media streaming, network backup, multiplayer gaming – and so much more.

  7. Home and Carpet Cleaning

    Save money and time. Create a clean, attractive, welcoming, comfortable, and safe living environment. And rely on Raised Moving cleaning services for the results you want.

  8. Interior Design Consulting

    During this appointment, our professional interior designers will personally advise you and give you the most important recommendations concerning the renovation, furnishing, and equipment of your property. On site, we will develop an individual design concept with you and give you helpful tips for the ideal, photo-friendly final decoration, approx. 1.5 — 3 hours including travel time.

  9. Custom Crating

    From export and domestic one-use crates to custom production crates to tradeshow crates, road cases, platforms, pallets, and corrugated cartons, we work hard to meet all of your shipping needs. Our shipments are steel banded, shock mounted, foam packed, shrink wrapped, or can include vapor barriers, desiccants, and whatever packing implements your products require.

  10. Unpacking and Home Setup

    While they are away we are busy overseeing the movers on both ends of the move ensuring only the items clients want moved are backed and transported. Proper placement of furniture and boxes by movers helps with efficiency as we prepare to unpack and set up new home. When clients arrive their beds are made, kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living room complete. Raised Moving attention to detail helps to re-create a smaller version of original home in ways that are comforting and familiar.

  11. Automobile Handling

    We supplement car carrier capabilities offered by major van lines to move cars all over the country. Sales agents can refer their clients to us or work directly with our account managers to get pricing and booking information. We are dedicated to great customer service, clear communication and know what it takes to keep your clients – from quote to final delivery.

  12. Home Organizing

    Moving should be a time of great excitement about new possibilities, yet it’s one of the most stressful events in life. Many people look around their homes and ask: Where did all of this stuff come from? How will we ever have time to pack it? How will we ever unpack it and put it away? Move easily out of your old home and quickly get settled in your new one!

  13. Custom Closets

    Your moving needs are unique. We will work together to determine the appropriate project plan to ensure your move goes smoothly.

  14. Storage

    With our professional approach and highly competitive rates for moving and storage, our clients include everyone from the family who just needs a little extra storage space to professional realtors who are staging homes.

  15. Waste Removal

    We gladly remove most types of Junk from the old mattress with a stain to the broken Hot Tub or rotten Shed. Anything that you don’t regs. ularly use, is just taking up space, or is past its useful life is considered junk. Let us help you free yourself from the mess. Call today for a free estimate on your junk removal need.

What happens when you hire:

The other guys:

Your house becomes a construction zone, with throngs of strangers rummaging through your personal items with various degrees of care for fragile items.

A low-ball bid just to get the job, followed by a confusing mishmash of fees like fuel surcharges and counting steps between the trucks and your door.

Unsupervised and untrained strangers, who specialize in throwing your things in boxes and shoving them on a truck.

You’ll get a call … when something goes wrong.

A couple of guys show up and look around, bewildered. Hopefully they have the right tools and proper materials, right?

You mean leaving your home strewn with used tape and nails isn’t what you wanted?

Insurance? Um. Sure. They’ve got that. Probably. Possibly?

Raised Moving:

We lay down blankets, and keep your floors and walls scuff-free while our organized team of associates methodically packs and prepares your home.

Transparent pricing that’s easy to understand from the beginning.

uniformed, and courteous Raised certified associates who are background-checked and specialize in handling fine wares.

We’ll be in regular contact via phone, email, and even text throughout the process, keeping you informed of the project schedule and what to expect.

We’ll perform walk-throughs and create itemized lists of your belongings, as well as an easy-to-understand project schedule so there’s never any guesswork.

We love leaving our clients’ homes in pristine condition and can thoroughly clean the house if needed.

Raised Moving double the industry standard of .60 cents per pund by offering 1.20 at no cost to you




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Enjoy a stress-free moving experience thanks to our affordable and reliable services. Leave all the packing, loading, and shipping to our honest professionals.